Planchette Surf&Turf, 3023, Verbier 4Vallées Planchette Surf&Turf, 3023, Verbier 4Vallées

The cuisine


The chef

The mountains suit him so well. And 3023 suits him even better. Bert de Rycker, originally from Antwerp in Belgium, is a renowned chef with a passion for good food and a profound love of Valais and its mountains. At this restaurant a mere stone’s throw from Mont-Gelé, he offers relaxed cuisine that is devilishly good – too good not to share, with a focus on simplicity and homemade food. You will love his simple yet original dishes, which he creates from his legendary, endless pool of creativity.


The menu

Are you looking for cheese dishes? A sharing platter? Fish and chips? A mixed salad? A pulled pork burger? Or a chicken and Bagnes cheese burger? You’ll be spoilt for choice at 3023! 

There is also a selection of delicious desserts to give you a boost before you set off on your next descent, such as this famous cheesecake or this mouthwatering apple crumble. Toss moderation out the window with a refreshing beer, a good vintage wine, or a non-alcoholic drink. Why not?